Our Vision Is That Everyone Has The Right To Enjoy, Have Access To And Participate In Cultural Heritage.


To bring awareness and importance of cultural heritage of India

To cultivate the inherent art potential of students / youth

To restore and rehabilitate the ancient Indian Culture

To adopt the healthy life-style predicted in Ajanta paintings and stories for better humanity and community.

To induce the habits of developing art, painting, sculpture, apparels and jewelries, ethics, architecture of the era etc.

To spread the morals of the “Jatak Katha” of the time.

 To develop the personal qualities like patience, keenness, careful observations, etc in the students 


A way to publish the Indian culture world-wide

Help to preserve 

The World Heritage sites AJANATA

You can be a part of “Save Ajanta Mission” by prasadpawar Foundation through its ‘Educational Research and restoration Project’ has undertaken the work of Conservation of glorious historical art of Ajanta paintings; This is a gigantic work requiring huge funding.

prasadpawar Foundation Pvt. Ltd. is a registered Non-Profit Organization

Corporate id.No.U80904MH2012NPL228443

Bank details for RTGS is as follows


Union Bank of india

A / C No- 596801010050172

Jail, Road,Nasik Branch,Jail Road,

Nashik-422101 Maharashtra, India.

IFS Code - UBIN0559687

All donations made are entitled for Income

Tax benefit under section 80-G of the I.T. Act.
The Prasadpawar Foundation appeals to the Corporate Sector to contribute financially through their CSR Funds.


 Project -1

Planned wings for the Ajanta research and conservation project 

1) Unlit Ajanta photograph exhibition wings
2) A wing depicting the current state of the Jataka Tales paintings
3) Restored Jataka Tales section
4) Ajanta costumes reference-research and creative wing
5) Research, reference and creative wing for Jewelry and items of daily use
6) Sculpture research and creation wing
7) Painting research and creative wing
8) Miniature model making paper crafts wing
9) Ancient artifacts’ photograph studio and digital macro film wing
10) AV Projector and theater wing
11) Brahmi-Pali-Sanskrit-Script-language-literature and library and research wing
12) Dramatics-music-dance research wing
13) Post production computer wing
14) Control room
15) School of arts (painting-sculpture-archaeology wing)
16) Student Apartments


Project -2

Large portion of it is missing because of damages to the paintings. If we observe these damaged paintings, the main theme and subject if the paintings us impossible to understand. It is equally difficult to explain these to others due to impediments. Poor imagination makes it impossible to understand the message and importance of this art. Nobody is allowed to do physical restoration. The digital restoration work of these Ajanta paintings is based on research activities. Hence it is appreciated all over. Exhibitions are organised everywhere. Restoration and thus preserving the paintings inch by inch is elaborate and time consuming.    

Connoisseur’s, Art patrons, Art lovers and Organisations can
contribute by enriching their walls by displaying customised crafted rare photographs of UNESCO World Heritage Ajanta.

Patrons can sponser hosting of “Glorious Ajanta” Internation
Exhibition both in India as well as in other countries.

2,23,200 Sq. Inch restoration work is proposed in Phase – I……

One can contribute any amount of Sq. Inches restoration,
in the name of their beloved one’s.




Project -3

A mobile set up of the exhibition is required to create to take all over the geographical
areas of Maharashtra. Initially the focus is given to the urban areas to cover up maximum
number of schools / colleges. The start of the mission is scheduled to begin with Mumbai
peripheral areas.
The material for exhibition in accordance with the objectives is listed as below :
•    Exhibits in the form of Tran-slides,
•    Canvass Prints along with stories pertaining to the paintings
•    Exhibits in the form of murals for blinds.
•    Distribution of information booklets and pamphlets on “Ajanta” along with messages
from important dignitaries of Govt of Maharashtra and others
•    Films on information
•    Audio-visual presentations
•    Scale model of the one cave
•    Bioscope model
•    Display on heritage languages like Brahmi, Pali, Magadhi, Kharoshti etc.
•    Material for lectures
•    Drawing materials for Short exercise by students on sketches / paintings
•    Mementoes / prizes / gifts for students / institutions
•    Basic concept and imparting knowledge on line drawings, anatomical drawings,
muscles drawings, figure drawings etc.
•    Knowledge on restoration of historical monuments & arts
Execution of the activities are planned in following manners.
•    Initial correspondence with school / college
•    Pre-visit to the school
•    Identification of site / location
•    Provisioning of facilities
•    Installation of Exhibits and manning
•    Display of scale model of the cave
•    Audio-visual displays
•    Bioscope display
•    Arrangements for lectures
•    Student exercises, competitions on drawings and essays.
•    Interaction with art teachers and school authorities
•    Distribution of information mementoes, booklets and pamphlets
•    Question-answer session
•    Up gradation and update of the exhibition from time to tim